Return man 3


About Game

Return man 3 is an interesting sport and American Football game that was created by MiniMonsterMedia and published by ESPN Arcade. This is the third installment of series games of Return man with the same gameplay as the previous installments but enhanced mechanics. With addictive gameplay and good-looking visuals, Return Man 3 is one of the most interesting sports games to play and enjoy.


In this game, you will have to play the role of a punt returner with the main mission is to catch the ball and score a touchdown for your team. In detail, you will have to run to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball, then run by your way to the end zone for a touchdown. The game isn't easy because there are many defenders of the opponent team want to stop you. So, you must run far away from them to get the finish line safely for a touchdown. will lose a possession. And when all the possessions run out, the game will end. Normally, you will have at least four possessions to play a match.

However, you aren't alone in this game because there are three blockers will help you bounce or tackle nearby defenders. They will protect you, so let's stay close to them. In addition, there are also some random power-ups such as a temporary speed boost can help you to lose the defenders of the opponent. Sometimes you will have to play the game on an icy field. It makes the game become more challenge because this condition of weather can make you slip and fall.

Levels in game

There are total 15 stages in this game, each stage consists of several levels. The players have to win all the matches of each level of the previous stage to unlock the next one. The number of levels in each stage is different and they depend on the stage. Normally, there are two type of weather’s conditions in this game including the normal condition of weather and the icy condition. In addition, the difficulty of the stage increases when you get advanced. For example, there will be many more defenders in a match or the distance between them and you are closer. These make the game becomes more challenge to win as well as more attractive to play.

Core Features of Return Man 3

There are up to 15 stages to unlock

There are three blockers in the game. The first one is available and the rest is unlockable. Especially, the last blocker is so big and high, so he can help you to stop the defenders better.

There are many special moves in this game such as Juke, Stiff ARM, Afterburner, font flip, Ankle Breaker, Hurdle, and Spin. Each of them has its own ability the can help you to win the game easier. For example, Juke can help you to fake and dodge around defenders. These special moves need to be unlocked to use and you can unlock these moves if win some certain matches.

When getting to the end zone safely, the punt returner will perform some special moves to celebrate such as lifting the ball, upside down, jump, or kick the ball, etc.

How to Play:

  • You must run to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball then run to the end zone for a touchdown.
  • Use the buttons I-J-K-Aor arrow keys to move.
  • Use the buttons A-S-Dto use the special move after unlocking them.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can change the controls of this game in the control option.
  • Let’s run follow the blockers and stay close to them to be protected.
  • In the icy field match, let's avoid the ice that has the circle shape because when running on this areas, you will be fallen.
  • Let's take advantage of the power-ups to speed up and avoid the defenders.
  • When you get stuck, let's watch the walkthrough video, it may help you a bit.
  • You can play return man 3 full screen by pressing the full-screen button.

Return Man 3 Unblocked:

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to beat stage 15?

Stage 15 is the most difficult stage in Return Man 3. In order to beat this stage, for each level in it, you will have to use some certain special moves. In detail:

In Stage 15 level 1: Use Juke, Stiff Arm, and afterburner

In Stage 15 level 2 and level 3: Use Front flip, Spin, and Hurdle

Level 4, 5, 6, and 7 are quite simple and you can beat them in many ways.

How to beat stage 15 level 8?

In level 8, you should run in the left, use Juke, Stiff Arm, and afterburner.

How to become invincible?

Let's play this game many times, you will realize many interesting things in this game. Which can help you become invincible in this game. In addition, the tips and tricks above can help you a lot, so don't forget applying them.

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